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Title: Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Leaners: The SIOP Model
Edition: Third
Year: 2009
Publisher: Dominie Presss
City: Singapore
Medium: Book
Author(s): Vogt, MaryEllen
Short, Deborah
Echevarria, Jana
Grades: Kindergarten to Eighth Grade
Categories: Modifying the Classroom Environment for English Language Learners
Annotation: Sandy Figueroa, a principal at an elementary school on the Mexican border, was introduced to this book after a week-long institute facilitated by the authors of this book in California several years ago. What she heard helped her to modify the way she presented content area information and how she taught reading, writing, and spelling to her English language learners. She learned a great deal that week at the institute; however, in the past few years, she has returned again and again to this book as she continues to apply the ideas with students. As a teacher, she used the information to make her teaching as meaningful as possible. As literacy coach, she used this book as a resource to restructure how the staff in her school taught and designed daily lessons for students. As a principal, Sandy now uses the lesson plan template as a guide for her observations and teacher feedback and uses the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model as a way to mentor new teachers. The protocol enables teachers to accelerate their students’ learning, to guide their instruction, and to have meaningful conversations with colleagues. Sandy’s teachers have found the information to be comprehensive and easy to apply. The book provided her staff with an instructional framework in order to help their English learners in a more efficient manner. The process outlined in this book includes ways to observe, discuss, coach, and reflect on your practices in order to help your English language learners access challenging grade-level content area material in a meaningful and authentic way. The SIOP model provides an instructional tool for making the way you teach reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary, comprehensible at all grade levels. This book also includes a groundbreaking CD-ROM with video clips, interviews of the authors, and reproducible resources.