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Citation: Calkins, Lucy, Hartman, Amanda & White, Zoë. (2005). One to One: The Art of Conferring with Young Writers. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Title: One to One: The Art of Conferring with Young Writers
Year: 2005
Publisher: Heinemann
City: Portsmouth, NH
Medium: Book
Author(s): Hartman, Amanda
Calkins, Lucy
Grades: Kindergarten to Second Grade
Category: Writing Conferences Writing Partnerships and Peer Conferences
Annotation: All teachers in primary teachers who read this book are guaranteed to feel more able to confer with their young writers with confidence. This companion book to the "Units of Study" is written in two parts. Part One: Understanding Conferring has eleven chapters that thoroughly explore the art and craft of writing conferences. The first chapter is about setting the tone of a writing conference, how the conference is structured for success, and includes wonderful examples of different kinds of conferences. The next chapters include ideas for managing writers’ workshop, record keeping, teaching points and the connection to independent writing work, reading and content areas. One of the most helpful parts of Chapter Two is the list on pages 21-22 with questions teachers should think through as they plan for minilessons and a section on how to anticipate and address problems that inevitably arise. Subsequent chapters explore the specific challenges of conferring in early kindergarten and with English Language Learners.

Part Two: Conference Transcripts begins with a personal letter to teachers from Lucy Calkins. This part of the book is a collection of conference transcripts to help plan for the conferring that follows the Units of Study program. Lucy intends the transcripts to be used as a vehicle for teachers to write and revise their own conferences, as well as for collegial collaboration.

Doriane Marvel is a strong writing teacher who says that "One to One" has been a great resource for conferring because not only does it break the conference down into manageable stages, it also gives teachers transcripts of what each stage should look like. After watching the DVD, Doriane says she now feels more comfortable spending time exploring what her students need in the research stage. She writes, “Extending these conversations in such an intentional way has allowed me to have a clearer view of each writer's needs. I now feel like I am providing my students with the feedback they need to immediately improve their writing. Conferences have become so much more than just a check-in.”