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Citation: Booth, David. (2001). Reading and Writing in the Middle Years. Portland, ME: Stenhouse.

Title: Reading and Writing in the Middle Years
Year: 2001
Publisher: Stenhouse
City: Portland, ME
Medium: Book
Author(s): Booth, David
Grades: Fourth Grade to Eighth Grade
Category: Writing Workshop Struggling Writers
Annotation: Many students in the primary grades have built a solid literacy foundation, however, in the intermediate grades and middle school, they begin reading and writing texts that are much more challenging to comprehend and to compose. In the past, much of this type of work has been assigned rather than taught. David Booth shares insights from numerous teachers embed explicit instruction within a workshop approach in grades 4-8.

The comprehension skills that were taught in the primary grades are still be targeted in the upper grades, but now used to understand more difficult texts. In the middle years, students need to learn to analyze, synthesize, and interpret literature and nonfiction, and to become more metacognitively aware of their strengths and next steps. Students begin to use a readerís notebook to help them monitor their reading. They keep a writerís notebook to support them in crafting their written messages. David provides numerous types of texts, along with student sample of each.

If you are an intermediate or middle school teacher who is just beginning to think about expanding your instruction to a workshop approach, Reading and Writing in the Middle Years is an easy-to-read book for getting started. David provides the basics for minilessons, conferring, grouping students, independent reading, book clubs, writing workshop, conferring, and supporting students with special needs. An extremely useful section of this book is in the appendix where David has included reading and writing surveys, self assessments, prompts to respond to texts, writing prompts, and an editing checklist.