Bonnie Campbell Hill, Nancy J. Johnson, and Katherine L. Schlick Noe, Editors

This much-needed resource helps you build a structure in which your students can explore books together. Packed with examples and ideas.

1995 Paperbound 260pp ISBN 0-926842-48-X (K-6)


Table of Contents
    Foreword by Kathy G. Short
  1. Treasures in the Attic: Building the Foundation for Literature Circles, Sarah Owens
  2. A Delightful Journey: Literature Circles in First Grade, Christy Clausen
  3. Learning Together: Sharing Control with Emergent Readers, Margee Morfitt
  4. Nurturing Response with Emergent Readers, Katherine L. Schlick Noe
  5. Finding a Balance: Literature Circles and "Teaching Reading," Penny Redman
  6. Sparking a Love for Reading: Literature Circles with Intermediate Students, Anne Klein
  7. Going with the Flow: Getting Back on Course When Literature Circles Flounder, Kary Brown
  8. Literature Circles: Good Intentions, Carolyn Callaghan
  9. Invisible Scaffolding: Fostering Reflection, Patricia Kamber
  10. Choosing Books for Literature Circles, Dianne Monson
  11. Deepening Response Through the Arts, Lisa Norwick
  12. Drawing on the Artist's Perspective: Ventures into Meaning Making, Barry Hoonan
  13. Literature Circles: Assessment and Evaluation, Bonnie Campbell Hill
  14. Goals and Assessment: How They Go in Circles, Sam Sebesta
  15. Time Changes Everything: One Teacher's Story, Nancy J. Johnson Closing Remarks
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    Books for Literature Circles: A Selected Annotated Bibliography
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